Markus Wulff

Markus Wulff is the founder of Analog & Tech, a Stockholm-based company that creates, pilots and executes IoT-related projects for brands. These concepts allow new digital touchpoints to interact with smartphones, wearables, home appliances and other devices to enable interactive experiences that benefit both consumers and brands. Consumers benefit through the availability of rich, interactive experiences that add value to the product itself. Brands benefit by taking ownership of the relationship with consumers and also through access to real-time user data.

Markus Wulff brings to this business many years of experience in this emergent field. Prior to founding Analog & Tech Markus was the digital innovation and Internet of Things lead at The Absolut Company. Before that he was a member of the founding team of Ottoboni, one of the largest digital agencies in the Nordics. Ottoboni combined expertise in marketing and technology to develop communications and services for brands. The company was acquired by Nordkom in 2010.

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