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Making brand scale with
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Connected Experiences

Analog & Tech works with global brands to identify opportunities to apply technology to strengthen the connection between their products and consumers, create new values and deliver on corporate values like authenticity, sustainability and integrity. As an independent company with no stake in any particular technology Analog & Tech can select the most appropriate solution for each case and pivot smoothly when new technical solutions emerge.

We know that the new generation consumers are more demanding and the interest in experiences around the product as a complement to the physical product itself is becoming a hygiene factor.

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Our Expertise


Smart Spaces

Tech innovation improves the guest experience in any hospitality business. Today, many guests prefer technology over human interaction for simple tasks. guests are even beginning to include these kinds of technologies in their online search criteria, so hospitality businesses that lack them may eventually find themselves at a disadvantage.

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Smart Products

The new generation consumers are more demanding and the interest in experiences around the product as a complement to the physical product or service itself is becoming a hygiene factor - Internet of Things is the enabler for brands to create a relationship with their consumers by adding new values.


Smart Packaging

The product is the hero, with the next generation of disruptive packaging technologies brands will find new ways to engage with the consumers. By interacting with the packaging or the packaging interacts with things around you; i.e lights, music and smart phones - will extend the brand experience to new occasions.


Innovation process with
clear objectives

We know innovation is challenging. That's why our distinct innovation process handles organisational structures, stakeholders and building an understanding of your customers’ everyday life and pain points. We work with prototyping and business model canvases to deliver opportunities for your brand. 



Brands should use the Internet of Things to achieve brand awareness, insights, contextual relevance, satisfaction, efficiency, loyalty, innovation, conversion and ensure provenance. For the consumer, the benefits are even more attractive, technology innovation makes it easier to get the products and services they need, when they need them. By monitoring data from sensor-based touch points, brands can harvest insights that bridge the gap between online behaviour and what happens in the real world. We work with brands to build long term IoT strategies. 



Corporate innovation is an imperative for any company seeking to proactively combat disruption to its business model, product lines, operations, and brand experiences. Stop throwing money at “innovation theater” and start investing in effective, consistent, customized innovation infusions. We develop innovation programs for brands that want to secure competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth with Internet of Things as a foundation. The new possibilities will align your organisation for effective strategy execution



Creating a prototype is a vital step in your innovation process, how exactly do you move forward and actually do it? Voice assistants, connected products, interactive packaging or emerging technology development, no matter what, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the use Internet of Things to improve the consumer experience can be a real differentiator. Connecting brands and using machine learning algorithms to recognize real-time opportunities to improve the overall customer journey is not rocket science anymore. The prototyping stage is a great time to use all your untapped creative ability and to explore all the possibilities that are on the market. We use the prototype methodology to The goal of a prototype is to evaluate an idea by engaging stakeholders to test and refine the use cases.

About Analog & Tech

Analog & Tech was founded because the future for brands is about creating consumer value through technology. We are creatives and experts in service design & technology innovation. "Consumers demand more from any brand they interact with, by integrating Internet of Things into products and environments the possibilities to deliver contextual experiences will increase consumer loyalty and data gathered will create insights to understand the target group even better." says Markus Wulff, founder of Analog & Tech.  - an Internet of Things business working to innovate brands in an connected era. 
Previously Markus Wulff was the head of digital innovation and Internet of Things at The Absolut Company.


Markus Wulff

Consumer insights through big data

The business value of data is unprecedented. The IoT enables brands to use data to leverage every future opportunity to understand consumer behaviours.  Soon you will find that every time you know them a little better, you gain a distinct competitive edge in a world that is increasingly becoming, digitally connected in every instance.


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We are ready to lead you into the future of brand experiences. Did you know that Skype, Spotify, Klarna, iZettle, Minecraft and Candy Crush are innovations from Stockholm? Having companies like this in our community help exceptional talent.

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